Sunday, 31 May 2015

A Return to Blogging

Lost in Translation

So for the last 17 months I lost my blogging mojo. My health and life were in chaos, not that most people could tell. I have had to make some tough decisions and learn to live with a very changed me. I am not going to go into detail right now about what I have been through, but my focus has shifted slightly.
Decluttering and organisation are still at the heart of what I do, however I have had to simplify our family life for the sake of my health and wellbeing.

Taking control of my life

I now use a handwritten planner rather than relying on technology to tell me what is happening. I started with a large family planner diary, but found it was too overwhelming to carry and use. So I recently splurged and collected a Kikki K planner while it was on sale. I love that I have been able to customise it to suit my life and the way I want to use it. I am not a fanatical planner user, nor am I the fancy shmancey decorate every page kind of gal. I do however love that it look pretty and is functional at the same time.

As a working and studying mum, I need to be organised. I have learned over the first semester of my study, when my most productive time is. So now I use my evenings (when the kids are in bed) to do my study, my pre readings are done while waiting to collect kids from school and all other errands are done during school hours on my days off. 

I now get up 40 minutes earlier than I used to and start my day in prayer and planning my day.

As a family, we got serious about our debt. As of today, we are down to just over $10,000.00 of debt (other than our mortgage). This has shrunk significantly from 12 months ago. This time last year, we had around $30,000.00 in debt.

Where to now?

I have learned over the course of the last couple of years, I NEED focus. So I now set myself a challenge each month. I hope that over the next few months, I can inspire myself and others to focus, simplify and regain control of mental, emotional and spiritual health, as I prepare for a life in Christian Ministry.