Monday, 2 November 2015

Make a list, Check it twice

2nd instalment on Goals and Plans

I love lists, they make remembering things a lot easier. I like to keep things simple here, so having all my lists in an easy to manage journal has become a real life saver. I have been using a Moleskine Chapter Journal

One of the biggest lists I have is for the renovations we want to achieve in our home. I have made a list for each room/space that requires work. This Chapter in my journal, will help keep us accountable to what it is we want to achieve. Just like having a written budget, written goals allow us to see where we are and where we are going.
Writing up a list like this can seem overwhelming at first, however, once it is written and in the book, I can just refer to it when needed.
use an "X" to mark a job complete
Dot points help keep it simple
Each area has it's own page
You can add to your list easily
Or cross out changed ideas
Now I have a clear view of our goals.

Many areas in our life can be managed this way and quite simply. I have lists like this for a number of projects or ideas we are working on, including my blog ideas.

Next week I am going to look into how we can use a journal to keep on top of the daily tasks that need to be done, but are regularly forgotten.

Until then, how are you simplifying your life?



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