Monday, 15 June 2015

Time is precious.....

what are you wasting it on?

I had a really unproductive week, last week. No blog posts, not much housework and I certainly didn't get any of my assignments done. By Saturday, I was feeling tired, worn out and a little down on myself. I know I haven't done much, when hubby scrubbed the kitchen down while I was taking our daughter to art class.

Why am I telling you this? Time is like money, either you use it wisely or you waste it and end up in debt. Time debt is something I have had to deal with a lot over the years, especially in this age of Facebook and other social media. It is so easy to waste a few minutes here and there, 30 minutes on a silly game or get mad at an article that you read on a news site.

Last night, I realised that I have fallen back into that trap again! So with Holy Spirit prompting, I wrote down this list.

Things to avoid vs things I can do


  • FB games
  • Too much time on Google or news sites
  • complaining
  • Facebook - during the day
  • Television
  • procrastinating


  • Read my bible
  • File paperwork
  • Pray
  • Use my timer
  • Write a letter
  • Listen to an Audio book, while I work
  • Use my todo list
  • Make God my priority.

Getting our game face on

I have found time and time again, that success, is merely a written list and a timer away from meeting my goals. A successful day is found where 70% or more of the list is complete. Even for me right now, is part of my planned day.
I have set aside 15 minutes to focus on writing my blog.
I DARE YOU to try  it. 

Just like money, success only comes to those who work at it wisely 

God Bless 


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